We know that the best way to get the most out of church is to join a group where you can discuss with others what you’re learning on Sundays, ask your questions and apply Christian faith to your daily life. There are groups for people exploring Christianity as well as groups for people who’ve been Christians a while. There are also lots of ways for you to get involved in serving opportunities on Sundays and during the week.


 The Gathering
A gathering of the church family for prayer and praise.

Once a month (last Sunday 6:30pm). A monthly gathering to update us on our vision as a church family and pray together.

Women’s Brunch

Women’s Sunday Brunch once a month, 9.30-10.30. A group for women to meet together, look at the Bible and support each other.

School of Faith

There are small groups for people investigating christian faith. Find out more about School of Faith.

Midweek Groups

Midweek Groups meet on a weekly basis to eat together, study the Bible, pray for each other and discuss the topic from Sunday’s sermon. Groups meet at various times and in various locations. Please enquire if you would like to join a group and we’ll help find one that suits you.

 Family Church & Special Events

Here on Sundays at Saint James children are involved throughout the service- particularly throughout the year we hold special events for children, such as a Bible Holiday Club in the summer, a Light Party on October 31 and the Christmas Holiday Season.