Introduction to Faith

Christianity in a nutshell

Christianity is about knowing God personally.

The starting point of Christian faith is that there is a God who made us and wants us to come back into restored relationship with him. Jesus referred to God as father and his teaching centres on inviting us to begin a relationship with God as one of his dearly loved children. Jesus provides the way to begin that relationship. Jesus’ crucifixion is the ultimate act of love – it makes atonement by paying for our wrongdoing and removing our guilt that separates us from God. Reconnecting with God centres on recognising our need of God and what he’s done. Religious acts or moral deeds don’t make you a Christian but accepting the forgiveness God offers as a free gift does. A Christian is someone who has moved from knowing about God theoretically to knowing God directly and living a new life in relationship with him on this earth and on the new earth to come. Living life with God gives the security, identity and hope that we were made for and the purpose, joy and fulfilment that we all long for. Download our leaflet.

School of Faith

The School of Faith offers a learning environment that connects the curious to the core message of Christianity and it’s significance for the whole of life.

Our CENTRAL CONVERSATION events give participants a chance to explore what it means to address contemporary issues through the lens of faith. Guest speakers introduce the topic and guide a discussion where everyone has the opportunity to explore their questions of faith related to the issues of daily life.

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Our CORE CLASSES aim to giving an overview of Christianity and reason for God. Each class contains talks illustrated with short films, interviews and a time for discussion centred on three essential questions:

  • WHO IS GOD?  13 February at 7pm What is God like? How do we relate to God?
  • WHAT DO CHRISTIANS BELIEVE? 20 February at 7pm What does is mean to believe in Jesus, what he did and what he taught?
  • WHY DOES FAITH MATTER TO ME? 27 February at 7pm Why does this change everything?

All CORE CLASSES will be held at St. James Church, Clerkenwell Cl, EC1R 0EA. Please contact us for future class dates.

Taste & See

Here you’ll find a wide range of short video talks and interviews to help you explore your questions of faith and apply the Bible’s teaching to daily life. also has recordings of some of our most popular Conversation events focusing on a variety of contemporary issues and cultural topics.

Like the best shops in town, it’s okay to be “just looking” and we offer lots of ways of investigating Christian faith. Please take a look at the resources on the Taste & See page of where you’ll also find details of iGod – an opportunity to hear an overview of Christianity and ask your questions.