Please address all general enquiries, including those concerning weddings, baptisms and building hire, to the church office.

The church office is open from 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri.
During this time the church is usually open to visitors.
Please note: the church is closed on Saturdays except for weddings.


Saint James Church,
Clerkenwell Close,
London, EC1R 0EA.
0207 251 1190


Clerkenwell Close, London, EC1R 0EA.

Contact details for individual staff members, please see below.

Andrew Baughen


A contestant for the tallest vicar in London, Andrew knows far too much about Disney and hopes one day to open a rice pudding shop.
020 3326 6976

Tim Chaddick

Director of the School of Faith

Former musician turned pastor, Tim joins us with his family from sunny LA and is most likely to be found searching for tacos and/ or drinking coffee.

Julie Haworth

Church Manager

As a double GB triathlete and vegan Julie keeps our bodies and minds healthy and delights us with her quiet energy.
020 3326 6975

Ben Slater

Pastoral Assistant, Youth & Children

A comic enthusiast and avid Spurs supporter that struggles living in close proximity to Arsenal.
020 3326 6977

Liz Emmett

Office Assistant

Joining us after a 3.5 year stint in Sydney, Liz loves the outdoors, live music and thrives in a disco environment.

Sarah Rivera

Media & Operations Manager

LDN via LAX, our resident nutritionist with a heart for Jesus and a talent for photography and film -making.

Martin Devaraj

Bookings Assistant

A Clerkenwell local, who loves sci-fi movies, classical music and spending time with his family.