Passion for Compassion 

Passion for Compassion

At the end of church last week I found 3 year old Teddy in floods of tears. What struck me was that her tears were the fact that her friends were leaving and she wouldn’t see them for a week. We’re all sad when we don’t get what we want (even if we don’t cry about it anymore). The question is what makes us sad, because that tells us what we really want in our heart of hearts.

Jesus wept on more than one occasion and shows frustration on several others. Each time he was overwhelmed with compassion for people and was sad when he saw people who lacked faith, hope and love. As God says to Jonah, should I not have compassion on the city of Nineveh where people don’t know the way to go or their right from their left?

The responses to the terrible Grenfell Tower fire has been strong and varied. Some looking at the building materials and calling for justice, some looking to the physical needs of those affected and acting with kindness and some seeing the emotional needs of people and responding with love and compassion, Responding with God’s love working in us means responding with all three.

We’ve learnt on Sundays in our studies of 1 John that we love because God first loved us and we love with his love. That means a love that sees people as our priority and compassion for people as our attitude and lifestyle. Teddy cried because friends make her happy and them going away made her sad. Do we have a similar compassion for people?

Much love