Clerkenwell is a fascinating ‘urban village’ which was traditionally a place of protest just outside the city walls of the Square Mile. This setting and the ‘preaching box’ architecture of the St James building reflects our heritage as a church helping all people connect to the timeless truths of God’s grace. Our desire is to be a church that presents God’s grace in a way that people with little previous experience of church can access and understand. That’s reflected in the Bible talks on Sundays and in the opportunities we offer during the week to explore Christian faith and ask questions. We aim to be a spiritual home for people and see ourselves as a church family – reflected in many people from JC regularly meeting together and learning together. We value our involvement in the local community as we serve many people in the parish each week, host community activities in our building and through our links with local schools and City University.


Our values are Community, Discovery and Engagement:

Community: we believe all people matter. We want to be accessible to all sorts of people and enjoy being a community of people who care, support and serve each other.

Discovery: we believe it is our top priority to communicate grace and truth in an imaginative, relevant and loving way so that by all possible means we give everyone the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus.

Engagement: we believe that relating to a good and loving God will have implications for the way we live and that we need the help of the gracious and living God to help us live by his way. For that reason we offer times of teaching and prayer both on Sunday and midweek which help us understand and live God’s life transforming message day by day.



If you’re at the stage of asking questions we hope you will find Saint James a community of people who will engage your mind and heart with the realities of God. If you’ve been a Christian a while we hope you will discover a loving church family and an environment which equips and encourages you to know God’s love more each day and serve him in daily life.

This website gives up to date information about things like upcoming events, getting married at the church and how you can listen to Sunday Bible talks. The best way to keep informed of special events is to subscribe to our weekly email. If you have any questions or requests then please contact me or the church office.

If you are new we would like to invite you to a welcome event. Please visit our Connect page, where you can also connect to small groups, find out ways to serve or leave a comment or question.

Relating to God is an amazing privilege – at St James Clerkenwell you are most welcome to come and explore that privilege today!

Andrew Baughen

Vicar, Saint James Clerkenwell


Andrew Baughen


A contestant for the tallest vicar in London, Andrew knows far too much about Disney and hopes one day to open a rice pudding shop.

Tim Chaddick

Director of the School of Faith

Former musician turned pastor, Tim joins us with his family from sunny LA and is most likely to be found searching for tacos and/ or drinking coffee.

Julie Haworth

Church Manager

As a double GB triathlete and vegan Julie keeps our bodies and minds healthy and delights us with her quiet energy.

Ben Slater

Pastoral Assistant, Youth & Children

A comic enthusiast and avid Spurs supporter that struggles living in close proximity to Arsenal.

Liz Emmett

Office Assistant

Joining us after a 3.5 year stint in Sydney, Liz loves the outdoors, live music and thrives in a disco environment.

Sarah Rivera

Media & Operations Manager

LDN via LAX, our resident nutritionist with a heart for Jesus and a talent for photography and film-making.

Martin Devaraj

Bookings Assistant

A Clerkenwell local, who loves sci-fi movies, classical music and spending time with his family.


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Ian Sutherland

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William Claxon-Smith